How to win a new iPhone  XR?*

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    Pour traffic to the African Countries.

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    Score the Most Points

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    an iPhone

How points are rewarded:

  • 2

    For every dollar
    you earn

  • 100

    For every trader
    you refer

  • 1

    For every dollar
    you deposit

There is only one winner!


If you were not lucky this month, try harder next month. If you`ve already won an iPhone, let others win too.

1. Kingfin reserves the right to exclude from the competition partners trying to win the competition fraudulently.
2. A partner, who has clicked the "Participate" button once, will automatically participate in the rating until winning or until the competition ends.
3. By participating in the contest, you agree to send your personal manager a review of the prize received if you win.
*May be substituted for a different iPhone model but not older than the Apple iPhone X.